kang hyeyeon…being kang hyeyeon lol

hyeyeon almost fell during thank you very much

get to know me meme: kpop edition
     ↳ [3/5] favorite female groups: BESTie

hyeryeong/haeyeon being too cute for words ♥



가오나시 무서워..こわい.. pic.twitter.com/PPz2NTnTwZ

Kaonashi is scary..scary.. pic.twitter.com/PPz2NTnTwZ

(T/N: Kaonashi is “No-Face” from the film Spirited Away)

trans cr; fy-bestie
please take out with full credits


대표님께서 sns에 사진 많이 올리라고 셀카봉 선물로 주셨당 히히 pic.twitter.com/NQPMxZMnfH